Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Dream Bigby

January 18, 2012
Since engaging in the interesting occupation of Bigbying, I must confess to be a touch obsessed with the entire activity. This interest has also invaded my dreams so I suggested to Owen that a new category be made called "Dream Bigbys." In the spirit of this category, I offer the dream below: (note, I had to go to the field guide to see that there was indeed a species called Ancient Murrelet and, in fact, my bird resembled it).

Last night's dream:

I was bigbying down to the lake shore, and I found a large banding weighting tube washed up on the shore. Inside was an Ancient Murrelet, banded, as well as a reprint of an ornithological article about the bird (this was wrapped around the bird).

I took the bird out of the tube and saw that it was still breathing, barely (therefore, it could be be counted as a bigby!). Of course, as a true friend, I called Tim so he could bike down and count it too, and save the bird.

We took it to a classroom so Tim could revive it with cat food he brought. When we took the bird out of the tube, there was also a fluffy white chick and mother and chick were doing fine. Tim ate the cat food instead because he was hungry, and then told me I couldn't count the bird as my bike had turned into a car

Robin Squier

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