Monday, March 30, 2015


Yesterday was quite the day for me! I was happy to see my FOY common loon, and a very lucky meadowlark flyover of Lake Mendota. Then, I finally found my target species of this (and next) month: rusty blackbirds! There was a flock of about 25 mixed in with the usual Icterids in the trees at the picnic point entrance. That's a great spot this time of year to catch migrating blackbirds sunning themselves in the last light of the day. Another pick-up happened on my way to the prairie: golden-crowned kinglet.

Then, I birded the prairie in search of some "nocturnal shorebirds," and was not disappointed! There were several American woodcock displaying, as well as a winnowing Wilson's snipe. I finally got to see one of the Bill's woods great horned owls, as we made our way back down the path at dusk. Also, the Frautschi point barred owl was singing while we walked around Eagle Heights garden.

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