Monday, April 27, 2015

BIGBY Machine!

I got a bike at Bike-o-Rama this year, and I love it! It's a commuter, which is perfect for the paved city paths.
Downtown Breezer 8
It's a 19.5" frame, and I souped it up with a water bottle holder to match my helmet. I also added a coffee mug holder to the handlebars, and you can see the scope rigged up to the back rack with a net bungee. I often put my bins in the front basket, though I can't leave it that way if I stop; it makes the bike too top-heavy and actually leans it over the kickstand!

The only bird I've actually added "exclusively" with the bike so far are lesser black-backed gull and Virginia rail, but at spots I usually walk to on campus.

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