Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Another Glorious Day

Excellent day beginning with banding on the island in Washington Park, just a few blocks away from one of my old schools. I much prefer sitting on the island with geese hissing away at me, than sitting in a hot classroom with 36 frustrated students. While at Washington Park, I got my first glimpse of a Parula Warbler, and I hoped to replicate the event while on a true Bigby to Lake Park. The wind was amazing this afternoon, so Maria and I took to the ravines and found many Northern Waterthrushes, a Veery, a Gray-cheeked as well as lots of Palms and Yellow-rumps. Near the warming house we spotted a Blue-headed Vireo and a Magnolia. There were more species observed, but I must admit to total happy, sunburnt exhaustion and I think it shall be another early night. (All the better to rise early tomorrow for more Bigbying!) Kudos and thanks to Tim Vargo (TIVA) for thinking of this challenge, and Owen (our own OWBO) for getting us on the web!!!

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