Sunday, May 2, 2010

the weirdness factor

So I was sitting last night thinking about the weirdness of it all - as of last night, I still had not gotten a Killdeer - but I had a Piping Plover. Weird. As of last night, I didn't have a Red-tail Hawk or Kestrel - but since I joined BIGBY I have a Peregrine and a Bald Eagle. Also weird. And I can't find a Cedar Waxwing or a Tree Sparrow to save my life. And I'm wondering how I'll get all those ducks I know so well but have (I'm afraid) moved on. Maybe a trip to the CGI tomorrow???
Mostly I'm trying real hard to catch up before I go East for a few days to collect my daughter from college and attend my niece's wedding. So I'm working hard at this when I can, while I can. And it's fun.
Looking for the Willets reported in Lakeshore Park today I got my Killdeer, so things are a little less weird. Didn't get the Willets, but biking by the lagoon north of the MAM I noticed something and went back to check it and found a Least Bittern, a beautiful, adult bird, in the cattails, which was really, really cool.
...and a little weird...
....but I'll take it.
I love this time of year.


Sam C said...

Hoping to make a CGI run tomorrow as well, perhaps we'll cross paths again! Good luck!

Maria Terres said...

Good luck to you too!