Saturday, May 22, 2010

Cuckoos and Flycatchers

Originally, I'd planned to bike down to the CGI after birding Lake Park, but the fog is making that trek seem less profitable. Still, a great morning of Bigbying, and after traveling out of town last week (and being pretty busy catching up/working this week), I had quite a few later migrants to add to the year's tally. Lake Park was pretty busy this morning, with loads of Wilson's, Magnolia, and Blackpoll Warblers around, with a handful of Tennessee and a couple of Mourning as well. Both cuckoos were present as well, with a Yellow-billed Cuckoo first spotted in a tree above the soccer fields. Soon after, a Black-billed Cuckoo provided good looks as well. I was surprised to see a Common Nighthawk flap out of the mist. There are good numbers of Red-eyed Vireo throughout the park, along with at least 4 Philadelphias.

After birding Lake Park, I decided to make a detour and swing by the UEC. I was rewarded with a cooperative Yellow-bellied Flycatcher. At least 2 Alder Flycatchers were calling along the river here as well. Additional highlights included a Red-headed Woodpecker and another cuckoo, who took off as I raised my 'nocs, evading identification.

As always, great morning to be out! The fog made viewing difficult at times at Lake Park, but it was very active. Though I've been away for a bit, it seems as though there has been a heavy influx of flycatchers, with the two mentioned above, along with many Least, Great-crested, and Pewee calling today.

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Maria Terres said...

How do you do it? I've been stalking the cuckoos to no avail for days! Well done Sam!