Thursday, April 1, 2010

Great Blue Herons and no RHWO

Lots of walking today, and good results. I had hoped, however, to get the RHWO (is that the right abbreviation?), but I still have not seen it at Lake Park. Bill, do they winter elsewhere?
It was lovely seeing the Great Blue Herons flying overhead at UEC. It made my wearing shorts from this point on seem like a not too dumb decision. I am so totally ready for winter to be gone.

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Sam C said...

Hey Robin!

I was trying to remember when I first had RHWO at Lake Park last year as I roamed that park today too... I know I usually get them later on (I remember this because one year I had my first bird feeding in a flowering tree near the Bistro driveway), and according to eBird, most records aren't until May.

Must have missed you out today, I was trekking through a lot of the same spots.