Friday, April 23, 2010

Lake Park

Took about 1.5 hours in Lake Park today. No luck relocating the Prothonotary. Definitely a more active park this morning though compared to yesterday. Best spot was the bridge north of the Bistro. Many YR Warblers, joined by a pair of Pine Wablers (88). Also had a singing Winter Wren (many other silent wrens throughout) here, and a Red-breasted Nuthatch (89) working the brush along the bottom of the ravine. On my way out of the park, had my first Chimney Swift (90) pass over; most likely the sky will be littered with these guys in a few days.

Anxious for the floodgates to open; looks like there has been heavy migration activity the last few nights south of us. Looks like the wind won't help us out much until next weekend as well.

Good birding!!!

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