Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hatfields vs. McCoys?

Great bird walk in Washington Park this morning. 7 Double-crested Cormorants circled over head lower and lower and lower until landing in the west end of the lagoon and FEASTING! They just stocked the lagoon, and like popcorn I would see birds pop down, pop up with a big fish, gulp it, go down again. Sometimes the fish were too big, it would fall out of their mouth, then down they went.

They only must have been in the pond for 15 minutes then they were gone.

Among the DCCO's was a tiny duck, in very poor lighting, but then saw the golden rear patch and the white spike up front, and clearly came into view for a nice Green-winged Teal. 2 new birds.

Then the ugliness really started when Vic found out that Barb had biked and all her birds would be on the BGBY list and his wouldn't. Decades of friendship almost came to an end. But an after birdwalk trip to Amaranth with bakery and coffee temporarily returned harmony.

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Owen said...

Well done Barb! Get that bike out of storage Vic!!